Our Story

Motivated by the mounting research proving the extraordinarily powerful healing properties of cannabis, Bird Valley Organics Co-Founders Terry Sardinas & Manny Alvarez (a first-generation Cuban-American power couple and third generation farmers), were inspired to pack up and move out to California to start a medical marijuana business. On March 8th, 2011 they began attending Oaksterdam University in Oakland, exactly one day after arriving in California. Two years later, Dab Lab Concentrates, their first cannabis business, was born.

Over the span of 6 years, Terry & Manny have worked to perfect their signature whole plant full-spectrum oil recipes that would capture the attention of cannabis consumers throughout California and beyond (offering one of the first FSOs on the market!). By leveraging “the entourage effect”, these healing cannabis oils offered powerful results that many had yet to experience, from sleep aid to pain relief and so much more.

In late 2017, Co-Founders Terry & Manny moved their business to a stunning 20-acre farm in the Pajaro Valley of south Santa Cruz County (inspired by the fact that pajaro means bird in Spanish) – Bird Valley Organics was founded. They would then scale their product line, recipes and strategically collaborate with several other cannabis farmers and businesses to offer only the cleanest products and medicine from the Santa Cruz appellation.

Presently, Bird Valley Organics is a quickly growing legal-cannabis business that offers healing concentrates with their unique Full-Spectrum Oils, as well as boutique sales, distribution and marketing support for a thriving organic Santa Cruz cannabis community.


Bird Valley Farm is a regenerative, Envirocann certified, cannabis & vegetable farm located in the hills of the Pajaro Valley in Santa Cruz County. We utilize ancient Hügelkultur and all-natural growing techniques, to create a food forest garden that works with nature rather than against it!

Bird Valley Organics strives to bring the best of Santa Cruz County to California! Our goal is to work with only the most conscious and organic farms and products to make a name for Santa Cruz in the larger California cannabis ecosystem, taking our “local”, “sustainable” and “organic” culture into the cannabis realm. We love to educate the community on regenerative cannabis farming, especially in offering garden tours and farm to table dinners on our unique property.