Hügelkultur Garden

Pronounced “Hoo-gull-culture”

The Ultimate Raised Garden Bed

Bird Valley Organics is more than just an organic farm and distributor of some of the finest craft cannabis flower in California. Bird Valley Organics is a collective of passionate people and brands that are creating a refreshing movement in the industry by providing products and education of the highest possible quality and integrity.

What sets Bird Valley apart is the farm fresh direct model and the Regenerative farming methods used in cultivation. Bird Valley is the only licensed EnvirOganic certified farm that has a Hügelkultur cultivation garden in Santa Cruz County.

Hügelkultur is an ancient agriculture technique that involves creating earthen mounds that are filled underneath with layers of cured wood logs, branches, leaves and cuttings. A large trench is dug and filled with layers of wide logs at the bottom, and then layers of branches and finally smaller twigs, soil, hay and grass at the top.

The buried wood releases heat as it decays and warms the soil environment below. The released carbon is sequestered in the soil by microbes. Decaying branches keep the soil aerated and water is retained and held by the porous soil that is created in the mounds.

This allows for a very rich soil food web to develop that delivers more nutrients to the cannabis and vegetable plants that are planted in the Hugel. Specific beneficial plants are incorporated in the mounds as well that also attract beneficial insects that reduce pests and the need for any external toxic fertilizers or chemicals.

The Hügelkultur mounds will mature over time as the soil microbiome develops and becomes teeming with biodiversity. Cannabis plants that are planted into the mounds will be able to grow very deep tap roots and benefit from a network of mycelium and various fungal microbes that grow from the rotting wood deep inside the soil. The mounds will capture moisture year round and reduce water usage and provide the plants with the highest levels of nutrients that produce some of the most terpene and cannabinoid rich cannabis possible!!

Creation of new Hügelkultur gardens that will be planted with vegetables and cannabis

Creation of new Hügelkultur gardens that will be planted with vegetables and cannabis