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Our whole plant, full-spectrum cannabis oils contain the optimal blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and plant matter, a recipe that has taken years to perfect.

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Our signature line of whole plant full-spectrum cannabis oils provide significant relief from a vast array of health conditions, and we offer various CBD to THC ratios to target your unique ailments.

Our partner farms, Coastal Sun and Santa Cruz Canna Farms, sustainably cultivate greenhouse flowers with no harmful additives. The result is small batch, craft cannabis of the highest standard possible!

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Hügelkultur Garden

Hügelkultur Garden

Pronounced "Hoo-gull-culture" The Ultimate Raised Garden Bed Bird Valley...

A clean, licensed, EnvirOganic certified cannabis & vegetable farm utilizing Hügelkultur. An ancient, all-natural & sustainable growing technique, that creates a food forest garden that works with nature rather than against it!


“Got to try the Sativa CBD applicator from @birdvalleyorganics. Definitely helped me with my anxiety for my business quiz <3 i always get little fruity notes when taking a dab of it so it takes amazing! Also it gives you uplifting relaxed effects that last a good few hours :)”  Instagram user: @west.coast.2blunt

“The reason I can actually shut my mind and fall asleep. Your CBD/Indica oil is amazing. I wake up ready to face my day!” Instagram user: inez_gutz

“Have you tried @birdvalleyorganics Amazing Full-Spectrum Oil? It is absolutely fantastically amazing! In their new packaging looking more amazing then ever!! Did you know that you can eat is as well as smoke it!! It’s already been decarboxylated so it is active and ready for consumption!!” Instagram user: 420cannacreations

“Because it’s the best thing god gave to earth! Best medicine is full spectrum for sure.” Instagram user: kriscanna_ceo

“I have had chronic pain all over my body for almost a decade in the form of joint, muscle and nerve pain. It has been debilitating and it left me depressed and exhausted. For years, I was only able to take care of my most basic needs and spent most of my life on the couch. I had to stop working and I couldn’t stand, sit, walk, type, write, or drive without being in some type of agony. The pain kept me up at night and I could barely hold a toothbrush or fork.

I tried dozens of western medicine treatments and drugs but nothing worked. A few years ago, I started using medical marijuana, specifically Bird Valley Organics’ High CBD sublingual oil (8:1), twice a day and another product at night. Bird Valley Organics’ High CBD was THE first treatment I’d taken since I first got sick that touched the pain. Their oil has literally been life-saving.

After titrating slowly up and being on a maintenance dose for a few years, I have improved exponentially. I have so much more energy now and in so much less pain. Now, I can drive, take daily walks, cook for myself, and sleep through the night. When I do have flares up of my pain condition, they are vastly shorter, less intense and less frequent. My back muscles have not seized up on me in a year when they used to every couple of weeks.

I have a new lease on life – I am not just surviving but am thriving. I could not be more grateful to Bird Valley Organics for enabling me to actually live my life again.” Anonymous

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